Week 13. Thank you Davene and Mark

It's so nice to see and hear a couple working in harmony , enjoying all their moments together. It's what I definitely expect in any relationship I will have.

Go90grow , Mkmma maybe next “1+1=2forever” ?


Listening to a cd this week and this questIon stuck in my head. What do I like about where I am! There must be a reason why I am where I am at. There is something I love about my present situation. The audio book goes on to suggest that whatever you love should also be apart of your DMP. Making it much easier to move forward because you are taking the good things from your present life.


What must I incorporate from today into my DMP for the future? That is the question for the week.



Week 12 Very Technical Terms

I admit it I have been pissy and leaky since the second week. Your approval is not needed said to the mirror is a very different proposition than announcing or thinking it at the world. I didn't know it was a actual technical term in personal development. It's nice to know I am not alone.
Sometimes I forget to ask myself who or even why I am pissy. And is it caused by somthing in the past , present , future , me or another person or event?
Past, it's me who has to change, framing event in a helpful way.
Present , it's me who has to change, replacing thought.
Future it's me who has to change, Planning for the worst is just plain wrong, setting huge SMART. goals and taking steady persistent action towards those goals
It's always me and I accept this.


Week 11. We don’t go there

Just Stop It, first thought, replace with what, good Kenny , pat on the back. Although I like the , “we don’t deal with that” regarding the past, personal habits and what others expect of us. Ha

Or I am a product of my past not a victim.

It’s what I would say to the bull who keeps charging the picador or the fly that keeps hammering its body into the window. It’s what I have started to say when I think about the past , what I should have done, when I have a mini blow up.

I was buying a lottery ticket so I could dream what I would do. Otherwise I wouldn’t dream, crazy.

It’s okay to dream, write it down, visualize it and speak it.

Clued in to what my plan of action will be. It’s all there right I front of me, in the books I have read and the audio since have listened to.

Just needed to slow down , relax and see.

Between Big Al and Mark J, life is good.

And with the help of ” the slight edge”, ” compound effect”, ” good to great”, “mindset the new psychology of success” and yes Haanel we shall persevere and improve. And continue on this journey.

Week 10 Reflections

Last week while doing some cleaning I found a early picture of myself. Asked what would I tell this person and would it be valid for myself today. Overwhelmingly answer is yes, speak it!

Week 4 I crowed to the world what was holding me back, what I wanted to sacrifice at the alter of life/living/dream building.

I can see the difference between my 19 year old self and my 51 year old self. Compared to looking in the mirror, it's much easier to SEE.

How in the world can I encorporate into myself the things I was willing to sacrifice, certainly can't tell the earlier me my problems. Only what to do differently , be more courageous, take risks, love self and yes I do have a negative voice in my head and it sounds exactly like me. It is ME.

Yes it wants to keep me safe , healthy happy and secure but today, in modern times there isn't much that would be life threatening so it's very okay to take more risks.

I promise to rewrite my DMP this week and my Press Release next week to reflect on how courage and risk taking has played such a important role in my success.

I can be what I will to be.

Each day I feel stronger and more courageous
I am becoming more courageous with each passing day.
I am ready for anything that comes my way.

Today I have the courage to say hello to everyone I see.

All the TRUE strength I possess comes from love.

Though the winds of difficulty howl around me, I stand forever calmly at the center of life's storms.”

Thank you Success Magazine and Darren Hardy

Week 9a. cleaning out my closet

Before Dec. 1 'I will clean up room, sort contents of boxes, throw out at least half the crap'. We'll looky looky found my old copy of GSW.

Lord knows how many years ago I purchased the book. When reading I put the month at the beginning of each scroll but not the year. Made it to scroll three then jumped ahead, wrote 'this is so good , going to read each scroll three times' of course have since forgotten what they said and I didn't follow through. Or if I did don't remember what.

It's a perfect reminder to not be in a hurry , let the process work it's magic.

Big cheer, roar, hand waving, my mental home and physical home are both starting to shape up,

cheers all



Week 8. How big is your mirror?

The Dalia Lama was invited to a conference by health providers and thought his English translation was in error. The majority of the speakers topics was 'self hate', a term that he had never heard until his visit to the west. Wonderful TV , print/picture media, computer games and some other toys have shaped our thoughts as to how we SHOULD look.
Well switching from bathroom mirror to my dressing area full length mirror was quite the shock. I had bought it years ago because I wanted to see the real me, then think I closed my eyes when dressing after a week of honesty. Last week in survey, no problem saying I love you to myself, this week, well, still saying the words, it will happen, heck working my way to the person I want to be, going to merge the two images, minds eye and my wonderful full length mirror.


Week 7. Love


Best way I have found to stay positive is to do as Og and Karen Krill tells us. See love everywhere. No need to reset if I act with love in mind.

Have lived without emotion for a long time, krud. I act with love in mind.

I understand the workings of the DMP, but don't feel it, like I should. I act with love in mind.

More emotion comes forth when i read my blue print builder than DMP. I act with love in mind.

Life interferes with my plans. Surprise. I act with love in mind.

It's amazing how little I accomplish even when I write it down. I act with love in mind.



I am a work in practice, always evolving, always growing, always smiling.

Cheers people

Forgot to post Friday, oh well , watching Mark's prevideo for the webinar. Realized that over the last ten or so years have been concentrating on paying the least amount in tax, not make the most money, be the happiest I can be, travel more , help the most people , be fit, nope. Instead of changing my world, I protest by being small, compact, defensive. Hatng the actions of all levels of government, the waste, corruption , saddens me. I act with love in mind.

Don't like it? Should stop wallowing. It's time to move to a better place, mentally and physically. I act with love in mind.


Week 6 Opps I did it again,

Slipped through the cracks of my conscious, operated by my subby. Keeping busy (unfocused work) is not the same thing as meeting a goal (focused work).

Book of the week, talent code, what really caught me was the word , “ignition” meaning “a image or event , originating in the outside world, where everything comes together, intense emotional response” , month practice in six minutes, “I can do that” four minute mile and those that followed over following year. High school kids today, regularly beating Tarzan’s Olympic world record. Bam

Between reviewing OATS , write it down to make it real and Mirror assignment, it was a wake up. My ignition, thought I was 100 percent but not true, started writing down when I do each reading and viola , there is room for improvement.

In part four of the book talent code, author talks about K.I.P Schools and how kids, grade five children are indoctrinated, told they are going to college (the dream) , moulds them , changes their habits, takes them to local Universities all in there first year. Two years later they fly them to visit Harvard and other top tier schools on east coast (flies them !!!!). Now that is giving a kid a dream.

The dream board is my KIP school, searching for images, thinking about images has certainly made me remember things I had forgotten, items I had repressed, oh I can’t afford that, think those words and bam,,, find the image, put it out there.

Thought back to my schooling and what dreams I had, nada. Thought, not so far back, on how I ended up where I am today, nada dream, just seemed the right thing. Could have stayed in my rut if the world hadn’t decided to keep growing without me. If you are not growing you are dying, there is no such thing as stasis or staying the same, shit happens. Better get to work on my dreams again.

Oh, don’t remember but my report card from grade four, “Ken is a good student, just day dreams far to much”. Wonder when I buried that part of me?

Enough for today, it’s time to speak BMP read MK and meditate

Another day

NO OPINION , ya right

Wrote my ten cents , my opinion of last webinar, wa wa wa. Just do it, took me a few days to clue in, a mini bloginar on making dream board using windows paint.

This is a green triangle

This is a red circle

This is a blue rectangle

This is at yellow square

This is a compass

Download and save in a memorable place.  Open Windows Paint, under file, NEW , left hand top corner, PASTE, choose PASTE FROM , open location you stored triangle, square etc. , pick one, OPEN, windows will open in paint, move mouse cursor along border of picture , press left button, you will be able to shrink or expand image , move moose cursor to center, press left mouse button , will be able to move image.

Go online and find images that remind you of your DMP and smart goals, and save. Then paste them all into your dream board.

Till next time people